The Changing Profile Of The Office Cleaner In The Corporate Workplace

In the corporate environment today, office cleaners have traditionally become part of a kind of invisible workforce, cleaning up offices out-of-hours, either early in the morning or late at night. Daytime cleaning has been growing in popularity over the years and this has in turn caused the perception and visibility of office cleaners to undergo a great change in the workplace. It has resulted to a change in mindset for both the office cleaning crew and the office worker.

There are a lot of advantages to daytime office cleaning and more and more people are starting to realize that this approach provides many operational and business improvements including increased productivity, enhanced customer care and reduced cost. However, there is usually some mistrust and skepticism at the beginning that needs to be eradicated to convince office workers that change will ultimately boost the office space and not disturb the office environment.

Advanced Technology

Most of the resistance office staffs initially have towards daytime office cleaning is mainly caused by the misconception that the cleaning process will disrupt their working day because the cleaning crew uses awkward and loud equipment along with toxic and unpleasant cleaning chemicals.

In order to overcome this common misunderstanding, there is a need to discuss the advancements in office cleaning technology. An example is the cordless vacuum cleaners that use lightweight batteries. Any potential safety and health risk is removed as there is no need to trail leads. 

With the advanced technology low-noise technology, you can now carry out activities that may previously seem intrusive without causing any disturbances. What's more, the new backpack vacuum cleaners gives you added mobility in areas that are difficult to reach or inaccessible from us.

This means vertical, horizontal and office floor surfaces can now be cleaned faster, better and safer without releasing any unpleasant odors or fumes. In addition, tests have proven that these products significantly eliminate more bacteria compared to traditional cleaning tools, thus, providing office staff.


Another is the microfiber technology including mops and cloths that require only a small amount of water, thereby reducing the need for cleaning chemicals. If you want to find out more about the various new technologies used for the office cleaning operation nowadays, visit the official site of

Availability And Visibility

The increase in the availability and visibility of office cleaners usually lead to a rise in the awareness of the process, showing how important it is and how committed they are to high standards. The aftermath is that, occupants of the building tend to appreciate office cleaners and show them more respect when they see the amount of effort they put into maintaining the cleanliness and sanitation of the building, so staffs and visitors often take greater care as a result.

This will often result to an increase in the level of interaction between office staff and the office cleaners. Spills and other problems will be reported quickly, so they can be addressed immediately and efficiently in order to avoid costly damages. Additionally, there be a greater mutual understanding, leading to less complaints and enhanced communication.

Staff Engagement

The way the office environment is normally perceived are now being affected by social issues and this has enabled higher levels of staff engagement and in turn, has benefited office cleaners. Swine flu, global warming and other high profile concerns have resulted in a broader interest in initiatives related to the cleaning process, providing a chance of engaging and educating staffs on issues such hygiene. By having staff to work with office cleaners closer, it will be possible to have a great office environment.

The last swine flu epidemic made office cleaning and general hygiene the main issue on the mind of many people, with businesses and workers alike searching for ways of reducing the spread of the deadly flu. As office equipment and desks are good breeding ground for bacteria and germs, it was a great opportunity to raise awareness on hygiene issues to office staff and tutor them on the best ways of preventing infection. Improved staff engagement and communication will get the office cleaning operatives a higher profile.

Absenteeism due to illness can be reduced and you can also reassure staff by briefing them about the business and personal risks, the best measures to take, and how to help. Today, recycling has become a vital consideration for most companies that are under social, corporate and legislative pressure to minimize their operation's impact. An integrated approach is now being taken towards the cleaning operation in order to fulfill the desire of many people supporting sustainable waste management.


Professional Office Cleaning Operations

One of the implications of the changes in office working times as a result of daytime cleaning is that there is a greater need to regard office cleaning operatives as a sort of professional service provider.

This way, they'll receive higher respect from both office visitors and staff while also representing the business of the customer in a positive way. New uniforms are sometimes introduced as a result in order to smarten up the office cleaners' image to show that the operation is now high profile.

With daytime cleaning, the operation's structure is also affected as lesser number of cleaners hired on a full time basis is needed. This way, the cleaning profession will be regarded as a real career opportunity.

Additionally, switching to a smaller crew of full-time operatives will enable office staff to become familiar with each office cleaner quickly, thereby building a relationship and including them in the corporate environment.